SnickerDoodle Art was started after being a stay at home mom for 4 years. It started simple, making custom art for family and friends. After several months my husband and I had a sit down on the couch and decided to give this “project” of mine a name. We never could’ve guessed 4 ½ years later we would be moving into an art studio!

The paint parties part of the business has really taken off over the last couple of years and it’s truly a passion of mine.

We opened a studio back in March of 2013 and hosted “open” paint parties, scheduled groups and birthday parties, kids art classes and summer camp!

It has been an absolute joy meeting and creating with so many people around the area. We hope you like what you see and look forward to meeting you at a party soon!

– Andrea Halbig { Owner } SnickerDoodle Art

snickerdoodle art

2233 W Franklin St,
evansville, indiana 4771
(812) 459-1992